I have a Marketing department. Why would I outsource?

Today’s marketing departments are working with very tight budgets and resources. Sometimes there are projects that arise that don’t merit the hiring of additional, full-time resources, but are just too much for the existing team to execute successfully. I’m often brought in to help lessen the burden and execute on specific projects such as webinars or tradeshows. I work with the Marketing team to ensure that objectives are met, enabling the team to focus on their day-to-day marketing needs, and large-scale objectives

I’m a small business with a tight budget. How can you help me?

No matter how large or small, all businesses benefit from a clear marketing strategy. I can help you cut through the marketing “clutter” and identify the tactics needed for your business to achieve its goals. I coach entrepreneurs to leverage best-practice marketing and communications tactics, and empower them to successfully execute their go-to-market strategy on their own, or with my assistance.

What are your rates?

Ah…the elusive question about cost. Depending on your objectives, my rates can be project-based, hourly-based, or retainer-based. The only way to determine what is right for you is to evaluate your objectives, timeline and available resources. Each client is unique and my goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with the results.

How can you help my sales team be more effective?

Sales and Marketing go hand-in-hand. The days of marketing being responsible for leads and sales being responsible for conversion are a thing of the past. In my opinion, marketing must help nurture the process and ensure that the leads that are handed off to sales are as qualified as possible, allowing sales to focus on closing the deal. I will work with your sales and inside sales team to define what constitutes a lead, and how marketing can nurture the database into opportunities

How do you measure success?

Success is as unique as the clients I work with. Objectives are critical in measuring success. For some companies, success is determined by the number of leads received. For others, it’s based on development of content, the execution of an email campaign, or the launch of a new product.

What’s the significance of the “121”?

That’s an interesting one. 121 is just one of those random numbers that really is not quite so random in my life! The address of my first job was 121, the address where I lived was 112, my license plate used to have 121 in it, it mysteriously appears on receipts, tickets, clocks, and registers…and my birthday is…you guessed it…121! So rather than fight it, I have have chosen to embrace it.

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